Patrice Ortega is a French actor, born in 1971 in Toulouse, South-West France.

He began acting at the age of 15 and playing music at the age of 16. Trained at the René Gouzenne School and at the Music’Halle (both in Toulouse), he has been alternating and sometimes merging theatre and music for over 25 years.

Curious by nature, Patrice has performed in a host of Street Theatre, Clown and Puppet companies, ever-expanding his artistic knowledge.


In the theatre as well as on screen, he has performed in plays by French playwrights like Michel Ribes, Thierry Manuel and Didier Caron, amongst others, and played in many Improv shows (Nocsensus, Un atelier au paradis,...).

He is currently performing with his own company, La BaP, in an Improv show called “Le Joyeux Bazar” , which he co-created. He also plays the role of Philippe Dubois, a masseur, in the play “Oscar” by Claude Manier.


Patrice Ortega has also been involved in several French and International award-winning short films (H.P lovecraft Film Festival in Los Angeles, selluloid,...), has worked for Television docu-fictions (Affaires classées,Accusé à tort, Une femme sauvage), and lends his voice to various film projects.


For the last two years, Patrice has been travelling to Los Angeles to train at the Ivanna Chubbuck School and attend Bernard Hiller’s masterclasses.


Patrice Ortega is also a guitarist and a singer. He has performed with several groups since the age of 20, experimenting with different music styles: blues, rock, jazz, reggae, folk music, etc.

He is now performing with his band “Tom Souville Band”, a trio which mainly covers soul and funk music standards.

2010 - present

2010 - present